Our Mission: Understanding Men by Elevating Fatherhood

XY Media is the leading interactive agency that specializes in connecting brands with today’s men and fathers.  It’s our mission to promote positive and authentic images of modern fatherhood, while helping brands connect with dads via authentic messages, memorable engagements and thoughtful relationships. We care about fatherhood because we are dads ourselves. And we believe that any story about marketing to adult men is a story of today’s dads.

The latest census data shows that only 4% of American families comprise a male breadwinner, a female caregiver, and two or more school-age children. The “traditional” family isn’t just changing; it’s long gone.

Modern families are bypassing traditional templates and making organizational decisions based merely on the best way forward. That means more women entering the workplace, and more men staying home with children. Add to that a new understanding of parenting as a partnership, with more working dads engaging in day-to-day household maintenance, and you find that both parents are making purchases that have been traditionally attributed to women.

Unfortunately, many brands are still trying to build campaigns around unrelatable, outdated stereotypes of fathers as disinterested parents and outsized children–frequently playing to women as the presumed consumers of all domestic products. But that stereotype doesn’t align with reality. Dads want to be treated as caring, capable adults, and there is still ample opportunity to establish a strong link with the online dad community that can pay dividends for years to come.

Today’s dads bring a unique alchemy of strength, sensitivity, adventure, wisdom, and sentiment to their roles as engaged fathers and domestic partners. These values and life elements that dads hold so dearly are instrumental components of their identity as consumers. To grasp all this is to understand “why dad buys.” And to understand “why dad buys” is to have the key to men’s marketing for generations.

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